Men's dress sandals

This summer it will be impossible to go outside without a pair of sandals, so say goodbye to all other summer shoes like flip flops, because this summer 2022 men's sandals are going to be in fashion!

We will have warned you, and we already know that fans of flip flops may not be happy, but to be chic, casual and trendy, the footwear that you will have to wear this summer will be leather sandals. Fortunately, when it comes to sandals, there is something for everyone.

The first thing to avoid is hiking sandals for the city and the beach, at the risk of looking like a lost tourist. Hiking sandals may be comfortable, but they lack style and elegance.

In this article you will discover that you can wear elegant sandals, since men's Menorcan sandals are both elegant, very fashionable among men and also offer all the comfort and grip you need to enjoy summer to the fullest.

For this reason, we have looked into our collection for the most comfortable, light and beautiful leather sandals for men.

In this article we will talk about our selection of the most up-to-date Menorcan sandals for men for this summer of 2022 from our collection.

What is the selection of men's fashion sandals on for this summer 2022?

In first position we find a classic from our collection, the Lazareto model.

This model of men's leather sandals offers you elegance through simplicity and the quality of the materials. These are Menorcan sandals for men that you can easily combine in summer, since their color offers a wide variety of possible combinations. In this article we want to share with you some examples of ideal outfits for this summer 2022, we leave it here.

Another of the models chosen as great candidates to succeed this summer 2022, is our El Toro model. A concept of men's leather sandals that is very similar to and at the same time very different from the Lazareto model, as it is focused on clearer fashion combinations.

Essentially, it continues to represent the tradition and magic of Menorcan leather sandals for men. Its design, materials and natural leathers, and its manufacture 100% made in Spain.

In this article we also wanted to give you some examples to combine your sandals this summer, so here are some ideas.

Either way, remember men's sandals are making a comeback and becoming the top men's summer shoe. And it is that no great brand of men's shoes has been left without designing its models of leather sandals for men. So let's keep looking at more options within our men's collection.

Our last proposal in this article would be the Talaiot model, a model in navy blue tones that will be very easy for you to combine this summer 2022.

Denim and teal tones are good companions for these sandals, as they highlight an easygoing, yet elegant look. White colors will also help you wear these sandals in summer by the sea.

To make everything easier, here are some tips so you can combine them in very different ways.

With what style can you wear your men's leather sandals?

The urban style of the office man

Wearing a pair of sandals in the office is alright as long as you choose a suitable outfit. Each company has its own dress code and it is important to respect it. To balance the casual style of your Menorcan leather sandals, opt for a nice shirt and quality pants. The little extra, a leather belt to match your shoes.

Sandals for men and casual style in chinos

Casual style goes perfectly with wearing leather sandals. Beige chinos lend themselves well to this masculine combo. Take the opportunity to buy a quality shirt that you will wear over your pants. Short or long sleeve, it doesn't matter. You can also take the opportunity to put on that Gavroche cap that you bought and never used. Then wear the pants slightly rolled up at the bottom and once again use the neutral tones. The beige and white tones of the ensemble will be enhanced by the brown leather straps of your men's leather sandals.

The bohemian style in linen pants

Another look that lends itself especially well to men's leather sandals is the bohemian look. This style is really very casual, and it is simply ideal for this type of men's shoes. Dare to wear shorts or linen pants and a shirt in natural materials. With the bohemian style, allow yourself a bit of fantasy and treat yourself to a slightly loose ethnic-style t-shirt, as if it were a tunic. Wear a black leather belt that shows under your shirt, for example. Complete this charming combo with a dark silk scarf wrapped around the neck for summer nights.

Street clothes, in shorts

The streetwear style allows for some fantasy touches, keeping to neutral and basic colors. The men's sandal with brown leather straps fits perfectly. Navy blue, the authentic summer color, but also beige and khaki are easy colors to combine in this outfit. Bermuda shorts, a long shirt on top, or inside if you opt for a leather belt in the same tone as your sandals. And, above all, take out your accessories. A plain or beige Borsalino hat with a matching ribbon will have you ready for the summer season.

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