How to combine silver sandals?

Let's not fool ourselves: we love everything that glitters! Especially when it comes to footwear. We are not talking about those shoes with sequins and glitter, but about those that are designed with a beautiful metallic leather and try with silver reflections.

This summer season 2022, the latest trend is metallic leather. Whether they are flat or heeled sandals, metallic leather makes our feet shine thanks to its silver varnish.  

But what look should I wear with silver sandals without becoming a bling-bling freak? From we want to present you 3 of our best models of silver sandals. This includes silver party sandals and silver flat sandals.

First of all, you should try with bright and colorful tones or pastel shades to contrast with the silver reflections. You can combine your sandals with a floral print mini skirt (for a country style); a chiffon skirt (long or short); a shirt dress; a long dress with a smocked waist to highlight those curves that make you unique; wide flowing pants (linen pants type); 7/8 black jeans (for a rocker look); jeggings with a silk blouse or a men's shirt with a belt; a jumpsuit or short jumpsuit; a skirt suit or a pantsuit (for a sober and chic look). Also try with accessories (jewelry, bags) to recall the silver tones and reaffirm your look.

What models of silver sandals can you not miss this summer 2022?

First of all, one of the great favorites, our Mitjana model. These are silver women's Menorcan sandals, the latest trend. And it is that the silver sandals are going to destroy this summer.

These silver sandals can help you on more special occasions like a wedding, or just to look sexier on a date, the combination of a red dress and silver sandals is ideal.

They are two very bright colors that attract attention and add shine to any look; they always look good on all women. Dare to associate some pretty silver shoes with your favorite red dress, and you will see all eyes on you. You will be the queen of the party!

In second place, another of the great favorites, our Pregonda model. These are flat silver sandals, very fashionable. And it is that these silver sandals are another model of honor for this summer 2022.

Our proposal is to combine it with denim garments, since it is a basic garment that works with the color silver. You can choose a dark blue color or a lighter denim.

This season we can find denim in countless garments, not only in long pants or shorts, but also in dresses, skirts, jackets and shirts, which you can associate with magnificent silver sandals for your most casual looks.

Finally, we present, as well, a unique and special design for kids, our Pastisset model. These are silver sandals perfect for your children to shine, the latest sensation.

Very fashionable since the futuristic style resurfaced. Silver is also considered a neutral shade in the cool skin tone palette. However, its metallic appearance can be difficult to wear, especially during the day. In fact, it seems more appropriate for the night, since it is far from being unnoticed.

However, it is possible for the most daring to wear a silver day garment: silver sandals is a sure way to dare to do so. To avoid any missteps, a shiny accessory is one more way to combine daytime silver.

Likewise, here are some extra tips so you can combine your silver sandals.

What does the color silver represent? Why choose it?

In symbolism, silver is the color of perfection. In some traditions, the Silver Moon represents the Mother Goddess. But this color symbolizes above all the path of inner realization. The road is still long, silver is not gold. But the stimulus is sure. It is a very positive sign to see you wearing this metallic color or something that evokes it.

Belonging to the world of grays, the color silver usually refers to a festive atmosphere.Originally, this particular tone, which induces an idea of ​​shine, brings together the different shades that the color and metallic appearance of silver has.

Who says silver garment, usually says flashy garment. The silver color is also often reminiscent of the gold tone and thus an atmosphere of "bling-bling". But unlike the gold color, silver gives it a more refined atmosphere.

Do you think that color psychology exists in graphic design just because colors are pretty? No, in marketing, fashion, architecture and all walks of life, a person who attaches importance to detail seeks to understand the science, psychology and spirituality behind colors and their combinations because it attracts people and the essential things to achieve what is proposed.

The wise teachers of Asia, for millennia, have meditated on the importance of silver colors to attract good energies and how they have the magnetic capacity to wrap us in a positive aura capable of activating prosperity and success. Without a doubt, the silver color achieves these objectives.

Here another examples of combinations for your silver sandals.

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