Men's menorquinas


Apply some Mediterranean touch to your Summer with Avarcas menorquinas! The avarcas for men are an essential footwear to be fashion this Summer. They are so versatile you can wear them in any moment: during the day with colors and bright prints so you can walk by hours, during the night something more plain and elegant, at work some classic type, on informal meeting something simple... We offer you designs for every taste and occasions, something plain, something classic, maybe something adventurous, bold, an informal touch... pick the one you like the most, the one that will adapt the most to you and your garment for this Summer! Acquire an Avarca menorquina this Summer and besides the modern look you will feel the true comfort. Invite the fashion and comfort, our collection is designed the way you don't have to refuse any of them! An elegance and high quality materials make a perfect mix for every man. Walking you will feel as if you were walking on the magical island of Minorca, where your footwear was made by professional artisan following years of tradition. 100% handmade, with passion.