The Avarcas menorquinas for the youngest ones turned into essentials making sure kids wear fashionable this Summer. Use them for all the occasions! With the arrival of the good weather you will want your children to wear a funny, lovely and comfortable avarcas for kids (size from 25 EU). Avarcas menorquinas thought of collection for the smallest ones. A funny, up-to-date and comfortable collection of quality designed exclusively for your children. The collection is based on a wide range of sandals for kids, full of colors and vivid tones that will make your children want to wear only the Avarcas menorquinas. Although we also had in mind special occasions and offer you models with more traditional finish like the classic avarcas with flat colors: blue, white or beige. Don't be affraid to combine your baby look with some minorcan footwear, you can combine any piece of clothing with shoes you like the most! For special occasions or just everyday life! A footwear decorated with flowers and geometric shapes, fluor colors, glitter and nubuk textures, with or without the velcro...the choice is yours! In addition you ensure your children wear the most comfortable sandals of the finest quality. Sandals from Menorca, handmade by real artisan masters that conserved their profession generations by generations, using the best quality materials that guarantee the comfort and long-lasting. Because of their updated aesthetics and high comfort the minorcan footwear is ideal for children during the Summer providing a lovely, chic and above all Mediterranean look.