Ideal maintenance for our avarcas

Now that we are in the winter season, it is the best time to review if this year we have done our homework well when it comes to storing our Menorcan sandals. Today we focus on the cleaning, maintenance and subsequent storage of our Menorcan avarcas so that when it is time to wear our fantastic models again we will not find unwanted surprises such as humidity, traces of dirt, color change or deformations in our shoes.

As we well know, it is a shoe that we only use in summer, or during seasons in which the weather allows us to go without socks, that is why today we are going to focus on how to keep them in perfect condition year after year, already As you well know, it is a very resistant shoe and it will last us a long time, but for this reason we should not neglect its hygiene and conservation.

Depending on the model we purchase, it requires some care or others:

Skin or Leather:

  1. The first and most essential thing is always a good brushing, with a brush with fine strings that does not mark the skin, thus removing the dust or sand that has been deposited.

  2. Subsequently we wipe it with a damp cloth only with water, if there are more persistent stains we can put a little soap on it but we always have to wipe another cloth later with only water, otherwise the original color could be modified.

  3. Next we must give it a thin layer of fat or transparent bitumen, so that the skin or leather recovers its elasticity. And finally we let them dry.

    Before storing them for the entire winter season, we must make sure that they are completely dry.

  4. And finally, so that they do not lose their original shape, we can fill them with paper. We will keep them in a cloth bag and / or cardboard box, so that they are protected against moisture.

Suede or Nobuk:

  1. The first thing, as with leather or leather ones, is a good brushing with a fine cord brush to remove traces of dust or sand.

  2. The second step is to wipe the cloth moistened with soap and water. In the case of difficult stains, we can add a few drops of ammonia, always rinsing later with another damp cloth only with water to avoid damaging the materials and persistent stains.

  3. Let it dry and add a very thin layer of transparent or fat bitumen.

  4. We fill with paper to keep the original shape and store in a cloth bag and cardboard box.

RUBBER or JUTE platform soles:

Cleaning and maintenance is the simplest, wipe with soap and water, rub over the stains and let it dry, if the stains do not disappear, repeat with a new toothbrush.

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